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Installation Info

If we provide installation service for your graphics you can expect the process to flow as follows:

Upon the shipment of your graphics you will receive an email which includes the tracking information, the name, address, and contact information for your installer, as well as when to be there.


You are required to deliver the vehicle to the installer clean, dry, and on time for the scheduled installation.  Please keep in mind that an installer may schedule a block of 8 hours for two trained technicians to do your job and if you do not show up as promised there can be considerable delay and added cost.


There is no official authority on acceptable standards for graphic installation.   We expect our graphics to be installed to a generally accepted industry standard for commercial vehicle graphics.  Your graphics are not a custom paint job, they are a rolling billboard.  Those generally accepted standards include:

Overlap - Seams are not a defect

Maximum width of roll material is about 59” so overlaps of printed panels are unavoidable.  We try to keep overlaps to a minimum and keep them inconspicuous when possible.  Alignment of adjacent graphics should be within 1/16” +/-.

Relief Cuts are not a defect

We encourage installers to perform “relief cuts” anywhere there is a deep recess in a body panel.  Relief cuts prevent the number one issue with vinyl lifting out of the recess.


Door handles, hinges, other hardware will probably have some painted areas showing.  Hinges are not wrapped at all. Door handles are face covered only.


Edges of doors, fenders, etc. will show some paint.  We will do our best to make clean and smooth cuts but there may be some imperfections.

Plastic parts will not be covered except in special circumstances. Mirror backs will not be covered.


Emblems are removed or box cut around. Emblems may be disposed of unless you request them.

There may be some areas where the material is cut and patched. We will do our best to avoid this but sometimes it is unavoidable and again, this is wrap, not a paint job.


Minor wrinkles or other imperfections not visible from a distance of 10 feet are considered acceptable.


There may be visible squeegee strokes in perforated material.

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