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Our Process

Identify Vehicle

and Send Photos

Add Your Information

Review and Approve
Layout / Make Payment

Look for Email with Tracking and Installation

Drop Off / Pick Up Once Complete!






We start by identifying the your specific vehicle. It is important that we know not only year, make, and model, but also it is critical that we know specific information about the actual vehicle that we are going to be working on.


Gone are the days when we only needed to know whether the van was standard length or extended! 

Today, service companies like you are able to select from a wide variety of vehicles and can select from many variances of a particular model to suit their individual needs. Unfortunately we are unable to look up the information we need with the VIN.  


For example, the “Sprinter” style van is built in 3 different body lengths and 3 different roof heights. That makes 9 possible combination of body size. Are the side doors hinged or sliding? Glass in door? Glass in back? Glass on driver’s side? Are the front and rear bumpers painted to match or black plastic?  You can see that there are dozens of possible configurations and we want to be sure we have the exact correct one for you.


Without a doubt the best possible way to identify all of the variables for you vehicle is with pictures. With one picture of each of the four sides of the vehicle we can deduce virtually every bit of information we need. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get pictures and when that is the case we will work with you to get what is needed but the picture method is much preferred.  You can send photos from your phone to our email or text them.


Once the vehicle information has been determined, we ask for the data that applies uniquely to your location, Phone number, license numbers if needed, and whether you would like the Option A or Option B art.





At this point we will provide you with a proof and estimate for your order. 


We do our best to be sure that everything in the proof is correct but it is your responsibility to carefully review it and make sure it is correct. You may be surprised to know that we have seen vehicles out on the road for many days advertising the wrong phone number.


***IMPORTANT NOTE*** we are bound by ethics and contract to follow the style guide provided by Neighborly®. If you request a variance from the standard we will do our best to accommodate you but ALL variances require approval by the corporate design department.

We have always suggested that the installation be arranged and directed by us. By leaving the selection and communication to us we are able to ensure that the installer knows what is expected and what our standards are. We have a nationwide network of installers we have worked with in the past and are constantly looking for new ones. Under most circumstances we will contact one of these installation companies, schedule your installation, and ship the material to them in time for the job to be done. We look for installers that are with no more than a one hour drive from you but in some rare cases we will ask you to travel farther. This is only done when we feel there are no installers in your area that can meet our quality standards.

Please note we mark up our actual cost from the installer by only 20%.  This 20% mark up is to cover the service of us contacting and arranging the installation as well as provide a 1 year warranty for said installation.


If you know of an installer in your area, one that you have worked with in the past and have been satisfied with their work and you would like them to do your job, we are very happy to contact them and try to work with them. We will ask them to maintain our quality standards and stay within our relatively generous cost budget. Again, there is a 20% markup over actual cost passed on to you.


You also have the option of working directly with a local installer, if there is an installer in your area and you feel confident that you can work with them, we are happy to ship them the materials directly or to you. Please note, if you work directly with the installer we will only warranty actual defects in material, not installation or installer error.

Once you have reviewed your proof and you are ready to move forward, you will submit your written approval and make payment.  Once we have those two items we can proceed with production and scheduling.


Next you will be on the lookout for an email with tracking information as well as installer information - the install date, where to be, when to be there and how to prepare.

You will drop off your vehicle clean and dry on the scheduled date and pick up once complete - And that's a wrap!

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