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We guarantee the material and workmanship against any defects for one year.  This covers everything except damage or abuse. The material we use is covered for an additional two years against defects by the manufacturer.


We use 3MIJ180C-v3 vinyl and 3M8518 Laminate. We print on OKI M64 ColorPainter printers using OEM OKI inks.  The process and material we use are what is required for the 3M MCS warranty.  If you look at the information from 3M regarding MCS warranty you will find mention of seven years.  You have to look carefully to find that this does not apply in every case


If another company tells you that they have a seven year warranty, do yourself a favor and ask them “If the material on the hood begins to crack after six years, do you just send someone out to replace it? At no charge?”.  Listen to a long explanation of how a seven year warranty is not really a seven year warranty and then ask yourself if you were misled.

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